Smart Tips to Get Ready for Summer Travel

The weather is turning warmer, and the cold weather is thankfully behind us!  Now, it’s time to escape that daily routine and plan your next big adventure. Just remember as you’re booking your trip, don’t forget to reserve your spot at SmartPark JFK or SmartPark LGA, so you can check that off the to-do list!

Here are some travel tips that can result in extra savings and to make your trip into a great experience.

Browse Deals & Destinations Early

There are plenty of resources online or consult your local travel agent as they may have personal experience with your potential destination. Of course, consult your family members or that significant other, so each person has something to look forward to on the trip. All-inclusive resorts are a great option for couples and families with activities for kids, spas for parents, and beaches and pools for the whole family to enjoy together. Or choose something like a theme park-centered trip. Resorts and hotels may offer deep discounts for advanced seasonal travel.

Set a Budget

Stay within your means so you can relax on your trip instead of worrying about paying it off. Anticipate out-of-pocket expenses for food and souvenirs to avoid being caught short.

Pack Smart

Buy essentials that you’ll pay extra for at your destination such as sunblock, toothpaste or a phone charger. Convenience usually costs – expect at SmartPark!

Travel on Off-Days

Airfare is higher and traffic is heavier on weekends. Travel midweek if possible.

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