Smart Eco-Friendly Driving Tips from SmartPark

SmartPark is an environmentally aware company that loves to share our favorite tips for keeping the impact of our vehicle use on our environment to a minimum. By practicing good habits and being conscious of the below tips, you can help do your part in keeping our air cleaner while increasing fuel efficiency. It’s the “Smart” thing to do!

Before You Go:

  • Properly inflate tires to improve your gas mileage by more than 3 percent.
  • Keep your engine tuned-up. An out of tune car can suffer a mileage loss of 4 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Also, replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve gas mileage up to 40 percent.
  • Check and replace air filters regularly to improve your car’s gas mileage by as much as 10 percent and limit damage to the inside of your engine.

Behind the Wheel:

  • Speed kills! Gas mileage declines rapidly above 60 mph. Each 5 mph increase above 60 is akin to paying an additional 10 cents a gallon for gasoline.
  • Can the Rage! Not only is it dangerous, but aggressive driving wastes gas and can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent on highways.
  • Use cruise control on highways. This helps to maintain a constant speed and saves gas.

On a Trip:

  • Lose the weight. Avoid carrying items on your vehicle’s roof as this can hinder aerodynamics and decrease mileage by 5 percent. Put luggage in the trunk when possible.
  • Did you know an extra 100 pounds cuts a typical car’s fuel economy by 1-2 percent?

For more eco-friendly driving tips check out the Department of Energy’s website here.